Our range of services are highly personalized.

They are developed on an individual basis with each client, and are targeted to every clients’ circumstances.

Highlights of our services include:

  • Strategic income tax planning and return preparation
  • Assistance in financial transactions such as bill-paying, record keeping, house acquisitions, car purchases, home design/renovation budgeting and planning, private air travel, and art acquisitions, etc.
  • Professional accounting coordination such as assisting in the collection, review, and contract maximization of professional income. We have significant experience in advising on all aspects of the various types of film, television, music, merchandise and stage performance income.
  • Wealth accumulation strategic advisory services such as developing savings targets, coordinating with investment advisors in developing investment plans, and evaluating alternative investment acquisitions such as real estate, hedge funds, private equity, etc.
  • Coordination of estate, trust and retirement planning with our clients' legal, trust, and investment advisors
  • Insurance review including life, disability, property, auto, liability, professional and umbrella coverage

Each client is encouraged to select from our “menu” of services that fit their needs. Our services to clients vary as their needs change.